ARTATEL Communications Solutions Indonesia

PT. Artatel Indokarya Is a national company in the field of telecommunications, manage by professional and has high commitment of quality.

Collaborate with international companies which have high quality of telecommunication device and Indonesian mobile operators which have quality of service and competitive price.

Why the efficiency efforts for telecommunication cost are not run effectively by many companies:

  1. Almost all middle up companies in Indonesia use PBX to support their communications need
  2. Mostly the PBX is facilitated by one/single fixed line operator
  3. Can not find the smallest unit time (pulse) from all existing operators.

The smallest the best result of efficiency The result, if it is support by single operator :

  1. Can not take the advantage of "price war" from all existing operators
  2. It will increase high interconnection cost
  3. There is no available device to avoid interconection cost and take advantage of the cheapest cost from operators in Indonesia (fixed line, GSM and CDMA )

The variety of efficiency efforts are run by the companies but less result, such as :

I. Technology of Voip, reasons not effective :

  • Still appears "interconnection cost"
  • for a company that rarely use international calls or long distance calls will be not effective

II. Close User Group for city & office zone, reasons not effective :

  • This utilization still appears "Interconnection cost"
  • The close user group are lazy to use a new number even it is given free by the company
  • The frequency of call out from office to braches/head office lower than freqquency of calls out to their customers, vendors, and employees

III. Budgeting and report billing system , reasons not effective :

  • It is effective only at beginning months. It will lead many "excuse" from the user to add their calls budget.

Artatel Indokarya Services include :
PABX, GSM FWT, CDMA FWT, IP PBX, IP PHONES, GSM Router, Modem GSM, IP Pabx, Pabx Panasonic, VoIP Server, GSM Fax, price list pabx, Pabx Cheap, GSM Gateway, Fixed Wire Terminal, CDMA router, shop Pabx, Gsm Module, GSM Box, cheap Panasonic Pabx, Voip Mobile, Former Pabx, Pabx Panasonic former, pabx systems, billing system, budgeting system, pabx, pabx gsm.

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